| amateur & dilettante, field recordist, circuit bender, listener, explorer, maker, drifter and opencacher


20170118 fisch und inkompetenz
improvisation with loops, fx and noise as participation of mystified remix project| released on attenuationcircuit via bandcamp

20150925 maschinenfabrik

multimedia live performance w/a.usenbenz & a.hauslaib | opening kulturherbst 2015, wmf kommunikationszentrum, geislingen/steige | Kulturherbst Geislingen | Maschinenfabrik

20150825 schweigen
improvisation with no.input.mixer, slicer and feedback | released on floppy disk as business card

20140523 ?syntax error 2
improvisation with no.input.mixer, c64.emulator and fx | released as lim.ed. on 5 floppy disks as fckbs011 on floppy kick records

?syntax error
improvisation with no.input.mixer, c64.emulator and fx | released as lim.ed. on 25 floppy disks as aa02 on abstiegsangst, travel from cache to cache in the worldwide game geocaching | where?

20140104 o.t.[the insignificance of monotony part II]
improvisation with no.input.mixer, fx and field recordings |released as lim.ed. on 1 microcassette as moma087 for the museum of microcassette art moma | soundcloud

20101220 rage, edition s21
"wutbürger" (enraged citizen) is the word of the year 2010 in germany. the word represents the dissatisfaction of the population that major political decisions takes place without people getting involved like for example the large construction projekt "stuttgart21". the track "rage, edition s21" is based on field recordings made during a large protest meeting in stuttgart. | released for free download as track#48 of the international email audio art project #5 on archive

20100531 diena nakotne

field recordings from 2007 in nakotne, lativa, processed in 2010
| self released as lim.ed. on 6 mini-cdr and for free download on archive

20101115 heima®t
a collection of unedited field recordings from the years 2008 to 2010 from the city of 5 valleys, which is directely located at the exceptional railroad construction work 'geislinger steige' to ascent to the swabian mountains which was built in the mid of the 19th century. therefore it is no surprise, that the sound from off the hills, the streams down the valley and the trains is omnipresent. | self-released as lim.ed. on 12 mini-cdr and as gfr015 on green field records / archive

20090609 dictaphonia #3
dictaphone field performance recording "heima®t/exp" for the microcassette compilation "dictaphonia #3" on haltapes

20090304 wieder das vergessen: im westen nichts neues? oh doch!
stage performance w/zenit&nadir, theater merlin, stuttgart

20081218 parasitoiden

live audio & video improvisation w/ a.nesic & r.aladi, seemühle, geislingen/steige

20081108 wieder das vergessen: 70 - reichskristallnacht
performance w/zenit&nadir, seemühle, geislingen/steige

establishment of the soundmap platform heima®t, pure field recordings for a part of the swabian mountains in south germany at heima®t

20080509 wieder das vergessen: 75 - bücherverbrennung
performance w/zenit&nadir, seemühle, geislingen/steige

20080119 about faces
visual sound performance w/zenit&nadir, le-maillon, théâtre de strasbourg, scène européenne, strasbourg/france

20071007 fette drachen auf alten schachteln
visual sound performance w/zenit&nadir, stuttgarter kulturnacht 2007, china-lounge, lindenmuseum, stuttgart

20070601 heimat:museum
visual sound performance w/zenit&nadir, staatsgalerie, stuttgart

20070518 müllmuzik
visual sound performance w/zenit&nadir, theater rampe, stuttgart

20070415 nakotne
visual sound performance w/zenit&nadir, rozaa peldbaseins festival afterparty, liepaja/latvia

20070414 nakotne
visual sound performance w/zenit&nadir, rozaa peldbaseins festival, nakotne/latvia

20070301 k42
visual sound performance w/zenit&nadir, opening k42 mediahouse, friedrichshafen

20060909 red lights
visual sound performance w/zenit&nadir, gallery fluctuating images, stuttgart

20060512 the shelter
visual sound performance w/zenit&nadir, 'frühblüte' exhibition, air raid shelter, rosenbergstrasse, stuttgart

20030516 moneypool
visual sound performance w/challiphoracash, toni-molkerei, zurich/suisse

20020525 tremor
chaotisch & undefinierbar w/elektrischer ziviler ungehorsam, dezibel, mkh, geislingen/steige

20000519 the last supper
visual sound performance w/challiphoracash, opening vernissage a.nesic, alter schlachthof, geislingen/steige


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